Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Principle Of Infinite Supply 8

"Let’s take faith for example;
If you apply a little faith, what do you get?
Little results
But when you use your faith
God gives you more faith
and when you use that faith
God gives you greater faith
and when you use that faith

God gives you mountain moving faith, healing faith, anything is possible faith.

But to get more faith, you have to use what faith you have.  You have to expend it to receive it.

God is not static and neither are God’s principles static.

Let’s look at the Word.  You read a little of the Word, ypou receive a little from the Word.
You read more – you receive more

You enmesh yourself in the Word – you can see God

As you use the principles of the Word that you understand and believe – you receive more from God.  he Word becomes alive. Verses that were once impotent to you become potent and full of meaning.

What once were stories become living examples.  Scriptures that you have read before, even hundreds of times take on (not new meaning) but more meaning, because the principle of endless supply is operating in and through the scriptures.

Let’s look at another example – Self worth.

If you think less of your self or have a skewed view of God’s view of your self you stifle the principle of endless supply concerning self-worth.

Self-worth is the driving force behind how you reveal Christ to others.  Little self-worth, little testimony.   But as you sow seeds of confidence by re-iterating to yourself who you are in Christ, that testimony builds.
As you recognize your true self-worth as:
An heir of the kingdom of God
Joint heir with Christ
Ambassador to Christ
Friend of Jesus
Righteous in God’s sight
Your self-worth takes on a whole new meaning.  If you sow sparingly you reap sparingly.

Where are you headed in your life?
If you want to get there, sow bountifully.
God will accelerate your plan.

What really matters to you?
If you want it, sow bountifully.
God will increase or multiply it exponentially.

Don’t sit around and wait:
until it happens
until it comes to you
until he or she finds their way home
until you have the perfect scenario
until you have more
Sow into it and watch God work.  Make plans and get on with it. 

Don’t let anything fall through the crack of doubt.  Evaluate what really matters to you and sow bountifully into it – unsparingly – out of your want."

Note: I get it, this is a foreign concept to many Christians. The idea of sowing has so been abused by pastors and priests that when you hear the word sow, you think it means more tithing. What a shame, that out of 
ignorance and greed pastors and priests have set this ungodly precedence. Sowing and reaping have no more to do with tithing than anything else you do in your daily life.

Excerpt from The Principle Of Infinite Supply by Keith C. Powell Copyright                                                       2016

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