Sunday, May 15, 2016

Not The Wait Word? 8

"Now, let’s get real personal.
Are you waiting to do what you already know is right?
That kind of waiting is not advantageous.

Are you waiting on the LORD for an answer?
God will mature your thinking by discipline if you are truly waiting on His answer.

Are you waiting to put a stop to something that you have been allowing to go on for far too long?
That kind of waiting can cost you your family or even your life.

Is your waiting godly waiting - waiting on the Holy Spirit to lead you guide you into the perfect will of God?
That kind of waiting is a blessing for you and your family and your friends and for the world at large.

Are you waiting to say yes to the unction of the Holy Spirit to stop looking for God when God has already revealed Himself to you through His Son Jesus Christ.

That kind of waiting is dangerous, because you cannot understand how God operates and functions in you and through you until you have been born-again. And life is very fragile and short, and to wait on making that decision can have eternal consequence.

You need to learn to wait, if you do not have agreement with God and move if you do have agreement with God.

Take some time this week and make a list with three columns.

In one column, make a list of those things that you are sure are not of God and put them in the ‘move on them’ column and the move on them column means ‘I know these things are not right and I will ray until I have confirmation from the Holy Spirit to ‘move on this or that’, and eradicate it from my life:
to stand against it
to let it go
to stop allowing it to have dominion over me

In the second column, make a list of those things that you are sure that God approves of and will bless and ‘move on them’ also.  This ‘move on them’ column means “I have confirmation from the Holy Spirit - I have heard the voice of the Lord concerning this or that - It is in His Word, so it is for me - And:
Add it to your life
Receive it into your way of life

But in the third column, make a list of those things that you are not sure of and take a time out.  WaitWait until you get the revelation before you ‘move on it’.
Catch this truth.

While you are waiting:
You need to praise God
You need to worship God
You need to exercise your faith and trust that God knows how to reach you and when to reach you.

While you are waiting:
You need to face off with the enemy and turn your back on him, in the same way that you used to turn your back on God.
You need to be in prayer, especially when it seems like there just isn’t any answer.
You need to bring God into the center of your situation.
You need to ask God to intervene.
You need to read your Bible and increase your faith.      

Don't let your mantra be "Not The Wait Word?"  
Excerpt from Not The Wait Word? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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