Saturday, May 14, 2016

Not The Wait Word? 7

"For all things concerning what God has clearly spoken to you through His Word that God does want you involved in, like:
Working hard and providing excellence for your family
Saving yourself for marriage
Giving of your income
Teaching your children about living a faithful and holy life
Answering the call to the ministry
Eating healthy foods
Watching wholesome television if any at all
Listening to uplifting music
Integrity in the workplace  
Finding time to read the scriptures
Finding time to pray
Giving your time to build up the body of Christ
Giving your testimony of how God has transformed your life

There’s no need to wait on these things, because they have already been approved by God for your edification.

To discern when to wait and when to move is a gift from God called discernment.

   Excerpt from Not The Wait Word? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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