Friday, May 13, 2016

Not The Wait Word? 6

"Don’t lose the context of this most important principle:
We are discussing the times:
When you cannot sense the presence of God?
When you cannot hear the voice of God?
When you cannot get confirmation?
When your mind is racing or aloof and you just can’t focus?
The times when you feel alone, sad, depressed, abandoned or helpless       

But if you are still deciding whether to come to Christ and accept Him as your Lord and Savior - you don’t wait on making this decision.
If you are considering whether to give your whole self to God, nothing barred - you don’t wait on that.

For all things concerning what God has clearly spoken to you through His Word that God does not want you involved in, like:
Sex outside marriage
Not writing bad checks
Giving up gambling
Giving up harmful substances
Laying aside unhealthy relationships
Not stealing from your employer
Not  Gossiping and maligning others to make yourself
look better
Cheating God out of the time it takes to build a relationship
Not tithing under the pretense that you have found a better way
Eating unhealthy foods

When it comes to the things that God has clearly outlined as against His will - you don’t need to wait to make these decisions - and as a matter of fact/truth - when you do wait, you are more easily persuaded to go the lesser way. 

Any time you wait to do what you already know is right, you run the risk of falling prey to your enemy and losing an irretrievable moment. 

Excerpt from Not The Wait Word? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016 

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