Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Not The Wait Word 3

"When you have received the indwelling Holy Spirit, you do not lose your humanity - but you do, by faith, gain the power of God. 

But you still retain free willFree will to operate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit or free will to operate in the flesh and make decisions contrary to the Holy Spirit, because, God will not breach the right of a man or a woman to exercise their own free will - even if it contradicts the Holy Spirit of God.  That is what the Bible calls quenching the Holy Spirit.

When it’s decision making time, you need the guidance and direction of God.  Nothing less will do. 

But when you make decisions before you have made the conscious decision to trust and rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that decision would be better named Russian roulette. 

You have no business making decisions under the guidance and power of the flesh.

All of your decisions must be made under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, if you are to make the kind of decisions that are good for your relationship with God, your family, your friends and yourself. Doesn't your accumulated experience tell you that the hurried decisions that you have made in the past have not brought forth good fruit?

All of us have down times - but I want to share with you a truth that will become the most important Word for you in times to come.

Wait on the Lord is not a saying, it is what you need to hear when you are at your wits end
When you don’t have the answer
When you aren’t quite sure
If there is any question at all. Wait.

   Excerpt from Not The Wait Word by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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