Monday, May 30, 2016

In God's Presence 1

"Please read carefully as I reveal more about God Thinking.  What started out as a call from God, to start thinking more about the things of God, has become a way of life. 

God Thinking is about thinking about the things of God and putting them "on top", in your mind and taking the things, the thoughts that take you from or keep you from the very presence of God and pushing them down into a lesser place in your life until you push them out altogether.

God Thinking is for anyone who wants to get to know God better. It is for those who want a deep and rewarding relationship with Jesus Christ; one that transcends any denominational or religious view of God (that is not from God) in exchange for a view of God built upon faith and trust in what God says about Himself.

God Thinking promotes personal spiritual growth, based on God breathed truths.  These God breathed truths from the Word of God are accessed and believed for one purpose; to seek and find more of God.

God Thinking teaches you to trust God only, and to see the world for what it is. 

What has happened over the years, is that people have looked in the church for things that can be found in the church, other than God, and they have found them.

Once they find these other things, even things from God, they feel they have found God.  They become secure in the thing they have found and not the Maker of the thing that they found. 

In church you can find religion - People find religion and it becomes their God.  They follow its precepts and its dogma, its rules and its teachings.  They like all the trappings that come with religion. They like all the platitudes that come with being from the right religion or the biggest group or the richest group.

But God is not a religion."

Excerpt from In God's Presence by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016 

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