Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tools Of The Enemy 5

"Just ask yourselves these questions:
Have you felt any oppression come your way lately?
Have you been even a little discouraged?
Has doubt crept in?
Have you noticed lately that satan has taken some territory in your teens or children’s lives?
Have you been worried about this or that?
These things are not from God.  They are the tools of the enemy.  satan wants you to think and be like him.
he wants you to be oppressed - discouraged - full of doubt -  give up territory and worried, just like him.
satan knows that the truths that you have in your heart are enough - not only to win the war, but to win the daily battles too. 

he also knows that he cannot do anything in your life - in your household - in your workplace - in your relationships -  or in any other area of your life, unless you allow him to.

ü    he knows that he cannot oppress you unless you let him.
ü    he knows that he cannot discourage you unless you let him.
ü    he knows that he cannot cause you to doubt without your permission.
ü    he knows that he cannot have an territory - in your house - in your workplace - in your relationships or any other area of life unless you allow it,
ü    he knows that he cannot make you worry without your express permission.

satan knows that you have the power and authority to fight the battles and win - to send him off without any victory and to exile him from your life. 

But I want to make sure that you are armed and prepared to fight and win each and every battle . 
Over the next year, make a concerted effort to think on the things of God. 
Exercise faith and power and by the Spirit of the Lord. 
Empower your church family to be victorious throughout the year. 
Provide programs and teaching for your teens and children. 
Reach out to the community and bring people to Christ.
Enter into this year with God knowledge that will produce power and authority in your life over the evil one. 
Take charge of your life like never before and allow the Spirit of God to flow through you. 
Go into the new year victorious of  wickedness in high places.

To do this we will need to be empowered with the Word of God to stand against the tolls of the devil."

   Excerpt from Tools Of The Enemy by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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