Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tools OF The Enemy 14 - Worry

"" Of the five major tools of the enemy:
Lost Territory 
Let's look at worry.

Worry - Everybody worries.  Your right.  But it is not of God.  Worry blocks God’s blessings from coming to you. 
Worry shuts the door to opportunity, answered prayer, and sometimes the very voice of God. 
God has promises to keep and gifts to give, healing to perform, answers to your questions and blessings to pour out - and worry blocks the receipt of these precious gifts from God. 

Take an offensive stand against the enemy.  When worry shows its ugly face, quickly and without a moments thought - trust God. God knows your every frustration.  Don’t let a simple thing, that is in God’s control - get out of control in your life.

If you want to take a pro-active stand against the enemy this year - would you say this prayer with me.
Forgive me Lord for anything that stands between me and you.

I will not be trapped by satan’s lies.
I will not allow satan to discourage me.
I will not doubt you, Father God.
I will not give any more territory over to the enemy.
I will not worry, but I will learn to trust You.

Thank you Father for being a merciful God.
Thank you Jesus for showing us the way.
Thank You Holy Spirit for guiding me.


Excerpt from Tools Of The Enemy by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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