Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tools Of The Enemy 1

"Have you noticed that:
with each new truth that you learn
with each blessing you receive from God
with each step towards a holy life
That it seems as if there is a host of pressure that comes in from all sides?  Have you felt this pressure recently?  I have.  I’ve talked to several people that are feeling the pressure too.

This pressure is not from God.  The kind of pressure I’m going to talk about is from the enemy - the evil one.  Some of you might be surprised to know that satan can and does interfere in the lives of Christians.  But he does.  I think it’s time to expose the tools of the enemy.  We are only going to deal with 5 tools of the enemy, even though there are many, many more.       

These are the five tools that satan uses every chance he gets, in attempts to keep you from having victory in your life.
These five tools are:
Lost territory
You and your family have received a spiritual blessing from God this year.  God has been good to you. 
He has saved you from disaster.
He has healed your bodies.
He has lifted your spirits.
He has blessed you financially.
He has spoken to you in His (logos), the written Word
He has spoken to you in His (rhema), spoken Word.       

God has enlightened you and given you direction.
God has been there many times at those near collisions.
He has kept you from bad decisions.
He has kept you from poor choices.
When you were down, God lifted you up.

Note: Oh, you don't believe it? You feel like God has abandoned you and left you to fend for yourself. If you believe that, it is from feelings, and not actual situations. If your enemy has skewed your vision, it is time to take back some lost ground and start trusting God again. If you are saved you have been empowered to act in faith and trust God, but you are also empowered with free-will. Free-will is sort of an on and off switch to the God connection. When you choose to follow God by listening to the Holy Spirit it is like turning on your connection with God, just as when you purposely make bad or wrong decisions that you know go against your own good judgement you are turning off the connection to God. God's switch is always set on ON and only your switch can be turned on and off."

Excerpt from Tools Of The enemy by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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