Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Temple Of God 7

"2     God made a promise to Solomon and all Israel while he was building the Temple. 

I believe God has spoken to you - and I know God has spoken to me, about building His Temple.  God has promised to answer your prayers, heal your sick, forgive your sins, heal your families, heal your hearts & release the captives if you worship Him in the temple and keep it holy.

God has stored up tens of thousands of promises for you. He will release them to you as you build the temple.
He will build the temple with you, but you must stay on track with the project. 

You must stay focused on building a pure temple of God and careful about what goes into the construction of the temple. 
You must build it according to God’s specifications.  But all along the way, God is guiding you and comforting you."

Excerpt from The Temple Of God by Keith C. Powell Copyright  2016

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