Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Temple Of God 6

"1     Before you start to build anything, you should purpose in your heart to finish it.

This is not a new principle.  This principle alone, not practiced, has caused more small businesses to fail than any other reason.  Not only is it important to count the cost, but to purpose in your heart that you are going to finish what you start is essential in everything that you want blessed by God.

But if you purpose to build the Temple of God, that is in you, you must purpose to finish it.

Just as in the building of the temple in Jerusalem, it takes the free will of man to build the Temple of God.  Nothing is done by you or in you without your will.

There is no salvation, without your will, accepting God’s grace and free gift of salvation.

There is no baptism of the Holy Spirit without a fully yielded temple.

There is no move of God in your life without your moving with God.

There is no building of the temple without the tools, the equipment, the components and a lot of helpers.

This temple cannot be built alone, just like the temple in Jerusalem could not be built alone. 10

Think about the massive entourage it took.  Over 100,000 people seven years or the equivalent of about 9,000 lifetimes.  It is not practical, nor was it designed by God to be off on your own building this temple.

Those who are cannot get very far, they think they are building the temple of God, but they are really building a temple unto themselves. 

The temple cannot be built alone."

Excerpt from The Temple Of God by Keith C. Powell copyright 2016

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