Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Answer 3

"Obedience will not cause God to love you more, because God cannot help but love His creation, but obedience will make you love God more, because life is better and the hidden things are revealed.

Obedience is for those people who want to unite with God in purpose and being.  It’s not about, “I’m better than you, or I’m more spiritual than you.”  Submission is about getting to know God better for the purpose of living out life in accordance to your created purpose.

What happens to a fish that gets washed ashore?
The uncommitted are like fish washed up, choking with only moments to live.  They are out of their habitat and cannot survive and the time they do live is not a quality life.

Id'e rather live the next fifty years with a quality of life that represents what I was designed for than the next fifty years  like a fish out of water.

Obedience is a lovely word:
It is for those who want to hear from God.
It is for those who want to see God’s miracles.
It is for those who want to see their prayers answered.
It is for those who want to have real answers to their questions.
It is for those who want to be happy when conditions aren’t so good.

Obedience is for those who want all that can be received from God.
It is for those who believe that Jesus is enough and the only motivation needed for you to seek to fulfill God’s will for your life."

Excerpt from The Answer by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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