Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Answer 1

"Even though there are hundreds of benefits, blessings and promises attached directly to your obedience to God - I want you to set aside thinking about the things you receive as gain or reward and do your best to worship and obey God in the purest form you can.

Obedience to God is important if you want your relationship with God to be perfected.  If you want to be in the right direction and please God, you will have to learn and adhere to this call, this devotion, this commitment to submission to the will of God.

It’s not that submission is more important than prayer or worship or fellowship or study or any other precept for Christian living.

But submission puts you in a position to see what God is allowing you to have from His reservoir of gifts to you.  Those who do not submit their will to the will of God cannot see what God is doing in their life. 

In essence they are guessing, and not informed about what God has done or is doing.  The uncommitted are never sure about their faith or their position in Christ or their inheritance through Christ.  The uncommitted live in a fog of sorts, in that, they cannot see clearly. 

If life were a car, the uncommitted are driving in the fog." 

Excerpt from The Answer by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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