Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mystery or Mastery 10

"Each time you come into the inner court you run the risk of becoming more pure.                 
Each time you come into the inner court, more about who you are is unveiled.

That’s why so many of God's people stop going into the inner court.  They are unwilling to be filled with the presence of God - even though the presence of God is the greatest excellence they have ever encountered.  They stop coming into the inner court when they found out that:
·           They must lay down their titles
·           They must become blind to race
·           They must lay aside their prejudices
·           They must check their baggage at the door - and that isn’t
easy, as most of us rather enjoy dragging it around with us as security in case things don’t work out with God.

At the inner court you become equal with those in whom you rather enjoy holding down - the same ones you think so little of.

At the inner court you are consumed by God and unable to hate or cause distress in others lives.  Forgiveness is mandatory and must be presented at the door. 

You can tell a real encounter this way.  When you leave the inner court, what you left at the door going in, stays there.  It’s the one way you know. 

See we really do prefer mystery over mastery.

Mystery allows you to hide behind the veil.
Mastery tears the veil down.

Mystery keeps secret your indiscretions 

Mastery unveils them and renews you into a "new man"

Mystery looks for loopholes (even in the Word of God) so you
can get away with things, biblically so to speak.

Mastery believes every Word and faces the responsibility to
alter all that is not in alignment with the express will of God

Mystery is endorsed by religion.
Mastery is endorsed by the Holy Spirit.

Mystery is being packaged as spiritual food by those willing to sell anything if there is profit in it.
Mastery is never sold and can only be found by faith.

From now on I want mystery unfolded, even if it means God is unveiling more of me because I also know and trust that God is cleansing me.

From now on I want to master those things that have eluded me in times past.  All for the glory of God.

I am going to Let God be God and get on with my calling.
How about you?

 Excerpt from Mystery or Mastery by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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