Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Empowered and Free 4

"Now, two-thousand years later and history has repeated itself.  The vast majority of our religious leaders have re-interpreted what Jesus did and made it into a complex and cumbersome religious system.

And because our religious leaders have gone along with this antiquated, and not God ordained system, some of us started to believe in the same thing. 
Do this, do that.
Don’t do this, don’t do that.
Finish this, finish that.
Jump through this hoop, jump through that hoop.
Not until this, not until that can you be close to God.

Again, just like in the past, many in leadership don’t want you and I to know just how free we are.  There is still a fear among church leaders that if you knew how free you were, you would stop doing some things out of duty.  And they are right.

You might stop going to church out of duty.
You might stop helping others out of duty.
You might stop tithing out of duty.
They are afraid that you will leave them.

And they are right.  When Jesus sets you free.
You go to church because you desire to, not because you have to.
You help others because you see God helping you and you want to share what you have.
You give 100% of yourself to God and you give it with a cheerful heart, not 10% out of duty.
And they will leave you because they were never yours in the first place.  They, (you and I) were always of Jesus, not of Pastor such and such.  And not to bash Pastors, because I are one.  But you are God’s children, not mine.

Jesus came to set His people free, and to assure that they would be free, He did five new things. 
And to this day these five things were set in order, so that no longer would there be any reason for anyone not to receive all that God has for them."

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