Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Empowered and Free 2

"When Jesus called the disciples, He called them from different backgrounds, from different levels of intellect, from different characters and personalities. 

Because they were great, intelligent, well studied, faithful in all things, kind and generous??? NO. It was because they were there.  It is obvious that the only pre-qualification needed to have Jesus call you and bless you is that we are here.  God calls you from where you are to where He is.

History has a way of repeating itself.
Let me tell you a little history story.

In Old Testament times, God set up a system for His people that was simple. 
This system was easy to understand and easy to follow. 
The religious leaders started to re-interpret what God had said, and over time, they built their own system that was complex and cumbersome. 
They set up a series of tasks or hoops, as you might call them, that the people would have to jump through in order for God to bless them, i. e., The people. 

It was so complex and cumbersome, that by the time Jesus came to earth, the very ones that were prophesying Jesus’s coming didn’t even recognize the signs of their own prophesy nor did they recognize Jesus Himself."

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