Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mystery or Mastery 7

"Now this is the heart of the matter.
You are not comfortable when you recognize that to get closer to God, more of who you are must be revealed - while in drifting away more of who you are can be concealed.  Are you with me?   

I have come to believe that the great majority of us, once we recognize how God unveils more of our true person every time we draw closer to God - we become reluctant to drawing closer to God.

We have already got everybody believing what we want them to believe about us.

Oh how much joy and peace, comfort and blessing we forfeit  in order to appear to others to be what we are not.

Should I go on?

I believe that we live in a time of fakes.
I believe God wants to take you from one glory to another and many of you are choosing to keep God at bay, slowly drifting away because you have come to rely on the mystery of it all.

I don’t want anyone to continue to believe that a  commitment to God through fear, obligation or duty is the same as a commitment to God by willful submission. 

Even though fear, obligation and duty are motivators, people that draw near out of fear, obligation or duty - they don’t continue well.  As soon as things get better, they back off from their commitment to God. Are you one of these people?

They don’t continue well because God is not impressed if your heart is not in it.  You can tell when someone’s heart is not in it, So can God.  See, if you are just playing church:
Hearts won’t be changed. 
Lives won’t be transformed
Miracles won’t come to pass
Your treasure remains in the storehouse

You have become so self sufficient that the thought of total dependency on God (not only has not been well represented in the church) it is not expected or practiced as it should be - in what I call - this (self-actualization bent, materialistic society) that we live in."

   Excerpt from Mystery or Mastery by Keith C. Powell copyright 2016

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