Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mystery or Mastery 3

"You must - Quit trying to do it in your own strength!
You must - Quit trying to solve your problems with your own mind!
You must - Quit trying to figure it all out in your own wisdom!!
You must - Quit believing the lies of the enemy!
You must - Quit relying on the lottery to pay your bills!

If you communed with God as much as you commune with the world...................

You  must learn to trust God.  I wish you could really get this; Trusting God. 
I know the frustrations of this life can be tortuous, and many times unbearable, but you must learn to trust God. I mean trust God in this way:
You really don’t know what is best, but God does.
You must choose to operate under the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Once you really find your place, it will all come together.

Tell me, do you really want to receive all that God has for you?  Some of you would say you do, but you forfeit what God has in His time/timing for what you want in your time/timing. 

Well I am going to say something that can change the way you operate - the way you give yourself to God and the way you receive from God.
Get this down in your spirit and hold onto it with all your heart:
With all your might
With all your strength
With all your confidence
With all you hope
I hope you aren’t relying on your skills, talents, abilities to find your way.  You can’t do what God can do."

       Excerpt from Mystery or Mastery by Keith C. Powell                                          Copyright 2016

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