Saturday, January 16, 2016

God Thinking XCVII - Crossroads 9

"You are listening.  Even when you don’t know it, like when you were very young, or when your passions seemed to be making the decisions - you were receiving a message from your heavenly Father and you were receiving a message from your enemy.

You know it is true, and I am uncovering some of the tactics of the enemy that will keep you from God’s very best. 

God has been speaking to you about your situation and the decisions that you are about to make. 

If you have already made some decisions and you are not sure if they are God’s perfect will for your life - stop right there. 

There’s no reason for anyone to continue supporting the wrong decisions that were made in the past. 

There’s no reason to throw time and money at them, under the pretense that they might go away someday. 

The consequences of poor decisions in the past might plague you, and you know from experience that there are consequences and ramifications associated with your past poor decisions, but you can pull away from repeating them.

That’s what the crossroads are for - it’s time to make a change that will draw you closer to following God’s perfect plan for your life.

There are thousands of wonderful benefits for making a positive decision toward the things of God and all of them are alone worth any thing you might be giving up - but as I said earlier, I want to take you beyond what you are currently seeking."

    Excerpt from God Thinking XCVII - Crossroads - by Keith C. Powell                                                       Copyright 2015

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