Thursday, December 31, 2015

God Thinking XCVII - Crossroads 1

"What do you really want?
I ask this so that you can evaluate where you are in receiving what you want under the anointing of God.  You are under the anointing of God.   

You want something, at least enough, that when you are asked what you want, it comes to you promptly.

You want something, actually a great many things. 
When I asked, “What do you really want?” I imagine you thought of more than one thing. 

But I want to take you beyond what you are currently seeking/wanting.

What I am going to talk about is not to take away from you getting what you want, or to take away from receiving from God, from His gracious storehouse of blessings.

But the truth is, that until you seek God as the object of your affection, not only will you not get what you want, but even if you do get what you want, it will lose its savor quickly - because it falls short of God’s best and all that falls short of God’s best is not in God’s plan for your life."

Note: I hear the response now. 'What if what I want it is not in God's plan for my life - Does that mean that there is something wrong with it?' The question answers itself. If you don't know if what you want is in God's plan for your life, shouldn't finding that out be first in order of relevance? Anything less than something God would bless is short-lived, at best and possibly harmful to you and others around you or catastrophic at worst.

Excerpt from God Thinking XCVII - Crossroads - by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015 

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