Monday, December 28, 2015

God Thinking XCVI - Getting Your Unbelief Under Control 9

  • "Who could expect so much from you?
  • Who could call you to step out in faith, to be true and loyal to a Holy God?
  • Who could perceive that you could have even half a chance of success?
  • Who would call you out of the world while making you live in the world?
  • Who could be so bold as to suggest that your faith is to be more than mere religion?
  • Who would ask you to further embarrass your fragile ego, by believing beyond your past experiences?
  • Who could ask you to come up higher, knowing that you have bills to pay and people to impress?
  • Who could expect you to go against the tide and stand for something wonderful and grand?
  • Who could expect you to have faith, abiding faith?
  • Who could expect from you more than you already give?
  • Who could expect you to deny your flesh, when you are so much flesh?
Only someone who knows what it is like to wear the body.
Only someone who has been there.
Only someone who can see beyond the moment.
Only someone who has been beaten with more stripes than you, could ask so much of you.
Only Jesus the righteous One has the right to ask you to stake your life on a Word.

By His birth you were given a Savior.
By His life you were given an example.
By His death you were set free from bondage.
By His blood you were bought with a price.
By His burial you escaped hell.
By His resurrection you were empowered.
By His ascension you have won the victory.

What else could you possibly want?
 Excerpt from God thinking XCVI -  Getting Your Unbelief Under                         Control by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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