Saturday, November 7, 2015

God Thinking XCIX - The Power Of The Blood 4

"Ten years ago, I had two friends, K... and his wife C....  They couldn’t decide what to do.  He wanted to go into the ministry, but he said his life was so messed up. 

They wanted to serve the Lord, but had no power to overcome the everyday things that keep you down and feeling unworthy.  They had habits that were unbreakable and yet they had a desire to go a little deeper with the Lord.

Keith was having a difficult time with the Nazarene Church Board of Ministerial Studies.  They weren’t convinced that K... and C... were serious about the ministry, and I’m not sure they were.

One day we were standing outside of a house Church we were meeting in at the time, standing around talking about their dilemma.  I remember the words that forever changed their life.  The blood of Jesus.  I said to him, “you need to contemplate the power of the blood of Jesus.”

A light went on and K... told me that, that was the turning point in his life, the inner understanding of the power of the blood.
The truth is:
Without the power of the blood you have no real power.
Without the power of the blood, you might be counting on religious articles or religious rhetoric to accomplish the impossible in your life and neither religious articles or statues or rhetoric move holy God."

Excerpt from God Thinking XCIX - The Power Of The Blood by Keith C.                                         Powell Copyright 2015

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