Friday, October 16, 2015

God Thinking XIV - That Next Place 6

"If you want an inner court experience that takes you behind the veil, in the very presence of God, you will have to bring your faith, seek God diligently, present yourself to Him, without reservation, and be prepared to commune with Him in awe.

Do you want to go there?
1     You will have to be prepared to be changed.
2     You will have to abandon your pre-conceived idea of  what you will  receive from God.
3     You will have to accept what God gives to you.
4     You will have to accept what God tells you when you are there.

3     We will have to accept what God gives to you.

When you leave this place, having been there is enough.  But  God will ask, “when are you coming back?  I have more to give you.”

I know that some of you are thinking, “I’ll bet this is another ploy to get me to be more holy or be a better person, or to learn to live with what I have, or to be better to my wife or husband or somehow he is going to fit in giving more to the church.”

I’m sorry to let you down.  I want to take you to this place where it is all consumed by God.  
I hear another voice, “but you don’t understand what I’m going through.” 
“I’m mad at God, He has not been there for me.” 
“He hasn’t healed me.”
“He hasn’t blessed me financially and I’ve been tithing for years.”
“He hasn’t saved my kids.”
I’m here to tell you without any doubt that the moment you get into the presence of God, in the inner court, the holy of holies, that place where God is God and you are in Him, you won’t speak another word about your circumstances, because you are going to come out of His presence, not as concerned as we were going in.  The things that mattered going in are consumed by God and He has something to give you."

Note: There are only two books that I have read that speak clearly on this subject; The Holy of Holies by A. W. Tozer and The Secrets of The Secret Place by Bob Sorge

Excerpt from God Thinking XIV - That Next Place by Keith C. Powell                                                      Copyright 2015 

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