Tuesday, September 8, 2015

God thinking XI - Are You Real With God Or Are You Still Trying To Fake It? 4

"In all of us there is a sense of expectancy that God will redeem our spoil with a touch of spiritual healing or financial healing or marital healing. 

We believe in divine’ healing, not magical healing.  Most of us know without a doubt that God does and can heal at will.  We gladly agree in faith with God’s Omnipotence.

But how reluctant we are to adhere to His plan for our lives when it calls for self-discipline, hard work, patience, perseverance or change.

When you are forced by physical impairment, you cling with hope that God will supernaturally intervene and save you from your current condition, but when all is well, you have a tendency to ignore the things that God placed here to keep you well and healthy.                                         

People today want everything and they want it now.  Healing is expected with this same urgency of the moment that seems to push us along, almost as if being too busy or always succumbing to the circumstance were a God thing.

The proof of how God works among us is not always found in the bright eyed excitement of the new believer or those who have finally come to believe that God can heal or provide.  The God of the scriptures maintains some mystery apart from your intellectual ability to ascertain God’s every move or action or decision.

This mystery must become part of your understanding of healing, else you will either be confused and perplexed each time someone is not healed, or you will believe something that is not true.  Either way, whether you are confused or you believe a false premise, you have not trusted God unless you have trusted God."

Excerpt from God Thinking XI - Are You Real With God Or Are You Still Trying To Fake It? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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