Sunday, September 13, 2015

God Thinking XI - Are You Real With God Or Are You Still Trying To Fake It? 7

"I have friends that say, “never say your sick.”  I find nothing in scripture to support denying the reality of your physical condition.  After all there could be no healing if there were no sickness.  You need to trust the Father when you are sick.

Sickness is part of the fall.  God thinking admits that God has not divulged His All-ness to you, as some proclaim.

The formula for healing or receiving from God is trust in God.  You place yourself in God’s hands, and with faith you patiently await His touch.

Never do you command God to do anything.  That is not faith. 
Note: Many TV evangelist are commanding God to do this and to do that, for the whole world to see.  God is not moved by man's attempt to declare that the heavens obey their pious voice. Demanding God to do anything is not faith, but it is intolerance of true faith. True faith asks God and then moves on, with full expectation that God is moving on their behalf, despite the apparent or visible results. If the kind of faith that you have been wielding has no place to allow for the mystery of God's supernatural intervention, you have been duped and in time you will become even more hardened to a false view of God.

Faith wrestles not with God, demanding a predictable outcome of choice.

If it were so, you could make commands, some good, some not so good. You could heal or pray against healing as it pleases you and you could become a god like Zeus, Neptune or Apollo.

Here’s where people get mixed up.  It was God’s intended will that wyoulive forever, on earth, in perfect health.  But within the bounds of freewill, Adam sinned, thereby altering forever the perfect plan of God for (Adam’s) children.

If not for the work of Christ on the cross, can I say that none of us would have a prayer.  God’s grace is sufficient for the faithful.

You must stop craving for God to bail you out every time you foolishly disobey Him.  Your desire should be, must be, to know Him, to worship Him, to Praise Him and to trust Him implicitly."

Excerpt from God Thinking XI - Are You Real With God Or Are You Still Trying To Fake It? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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