Friday, August 28, 2015

God-thinking X - Oh That's Right, You Don't Want To Change 3

"How would you like to be doing what God is blessing? - To be totally in line with what God planned for this century, this millennium, this day, this hour.

God thinking puts you in the right place at the right time, because God thinking teaches you to walk in faith.  Faith trust’s that God knows what He is doing, and listens carefully to the voice of God and then moves on it without hesitation.

I am convinced that had you responded in faith early on, things would be different today, but even so, tomorrow is prepared to provide what faith believes for today.

Your tomorrow’s are filled with the substance of things hoped for today.  What is your faith building?

God thinking never has to look elsewhere to be fulfilled.  With God thinking you are fulfilled by your constant communion with Christ.

God thinking has a high and lofty view of God.

God thinking takes advantage of the moment and everyone benefits.

God thinking demands that you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and that you allow God to move you, despite the unbelief that is ever present around you.

Note: A lot of people today are turned off by the word demand. People don't mind watching what is available on TV, which is what the station provider demands of you.  They don't mind purchasing what is available at the supermarket, which is what is demanded of you.  They don't mind stopping at red lights, paying car insurance and on and on; but when it comes to God, modern man wants autonomy, freedom from, no demands, no attachments, no rules, no laws, no expectations. The truth is that this kind of rebellion is rebellion against Jesus. They don't mind believing that Jesus was real, but following Him is silly and of no consequence. That's what happens when we open ourselves up to :all paths lead to God" or "Islam is a sister religion to Christianity" or "religion is the opiate of the masses" or other anti-responsibility doctrines. God only demands from you what is perfect for you. Nobody else does that. Why the fuss? Oh That's Right, You Don't Want To change.

   Excerpt from God Thinking X - Oh That's Right, You Don't Want To                            Change by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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