Wednesday, August 26, 2015

God-thinking X - Oh That's Right, You Don't Want To Change 1

God thinking is the renewing of our mind to think like Christ.
God thinking is to be filled with the knowledge of His will to increase in the knowledge of God.
God thinking puts the things of God “on top” and pushes the things of the world, (doubt, negative thinking, worry, stress), down and down and down until they disappear altogether.
God thinking believes what God says.

The foundation of God thinking is threefold.
1.  Choosing a goal that can be sanctioned by God
2.  Acknowledging what we are able to do towards our goals, dreams or desires and acknowledging what is impossible for us to do and will require the hand of God.
3.  Talking and listening to God along the way.

God thinking seeks God early in everything.
God thinking demands that you believe until you receive.
God thinking changes you.  You see things differently and because you see things differently, you deal with them differently.  And because you deal with things differently, the little things that used to drive you, lose their efficacy and they are slowly replaced with the thoughts of God.

Note: "you deal with things differently." Habits and behaviors are hard to break. It is just as hard to unlearn a bad behavior as it is to learn a good behavior, but most of us need to change the way we deal with some things. It would be better for everybody. Maybe you speak before you think or maybe you snap at your spouse or kids all the time. Life and results can be better than what you are currently experiencing. It will take purposeful thought to make any real changes. That's what God thinking is at its core; purposeful thought that allows God to have input into your decisions.

Excerpt from God Thinking X - Oh That's Right, You Don't Want To Change by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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