Monday, August 17, 2015

God Thinking IX - Oh You Vain And Little Man 3

"God thinking demands a high and lofty view of God.  Truly, the way we see God ultimately determines the results of our faith. 
For we receive God by faith. 
To know God we must receive Him by faith.
We receive who God is by His Spirit.
And it is by the indwelling Holy Spirit that we know God at all.
Apart from the Holy Spirit, we know not God, nor can we, because God is, and He can only be rightly known of Himself.

There is much controversy about who God is, but most, if not all controversy comes from an ignoble (low) view of God. 

As we get closer to God the vastness of the great chasm between God and man becomes even greater still.  As truth is unveiled and our knowledge of God increases, we see more and more the great disparity between the finite (us) and the infinite (God).

I questioned the thinking of the many saints of old who speak about this indescribable greatness of God. 

The truth is:
The vastness of God is not apprehended by our intellect, nor is it understood by much study, nor is it brought into subjection by worship.  Grand thinking, study and worship are good, but they alone do not and cannot reveal infinite God.  The deliberate creation of countless religions prove it beyond any doubt.

God can only be recognized and understood by faith.  Simple faith. 

In worship and praise, through prayer and supplication, the question of “whom are we worshiping?”, must arise.  Questions like “who is this God?” and “What does God look like?” must arise out of the desire to know our creator.

Our intellect has created an image of God in our mind and it is this image that reigns over all else.  A poor image of God, a false image of God, an undesirable image of God, any image made by mankind apart from the revelation of God Himself, by faith, by the indwelling Spirit - is untrue of God. 

None of us can accurately described Holy God, only God Himself, and we receive understanding by faith.  And when God reveals Himself to us by faith, we, like the prophets, fall to our knees is reverence of God's Unicity."

Excerpt from God Thinking IX "Oh You Vain And Little Man" by Keith C.                                           Powell Copyright 2015

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