Friday, July 24, 2015

God Thinking VIII - Ministering In The Spirit 10

"Let’s say you are a waiter or waitress and you are serving a hot delectable shrimp scampi and you notice there is something that doesn’t belong in the dish.  Do we take it out and serve it or do you take it back and have the chef remake the dish?

Or you are teaching women in prison and you have prepared a beautiful message.  You have a plan and you worked hard to get it all together.  You step in the room and sense a deep hurt - a need that only God can fill.  Do you follow the plan or meet the need?

The higher path requires that you work as if you work unto the Lord.  The higher path requires God thinking.  You stop making decisions by default, you make them out of a conscience effort to seek the better good for everyone. 

The higher path is wherever you are and in whatever you are doing when you are allowing God thoughts to be “on top”."

   Excerpt from God Thinking VIII - Ministering In The Spirit by Keith C.                                            Powell Copyright 2015

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