Wednesday, July 22, 2015

God Thinking VIII - Ministering In The Spirit 8

"God thinking requires God to be in everything you believe in.
God thinking pro-actively seeks out (within yourself) every message - every belief - every tenet of faith - every thought that is not sanctioned by God and replaces every message - every belief - every tenet of faith - every thought, by faith, with God ordained thoughts.

Ex: You are driving down the road and the person in front of you puts on their right blinker and then makes a left turn.  You have already begun to veer to the left and you are forced to make a quick decision, which you do, and you just barely avoid an accident.

There are many ways to handle this incident. 
You could quickly and without forethought conclude that the driver in front of you is an idiot.  Under your breath or outwardly you rail on them with indignation.  Name calling is a popular way to vent our displeasure.  And depending on the situation a quick hand signal might be in order. 

Most of us that respond this way, do so by default.  It’s not that we really mean the things we say.  But it is accepted and even popular to respond this way in our culture.

God thinking deals with this situation a little differently.  
FirstGod thinking requires that you take responsibility for your part in the incident.  You may have been driving too fast or not paying attention at the moment.  
Second, muttering obscenities or disrespectful remarks toward someone who cannot even hear what you are saying is not productive.
Third, Hurling negative remarks at others embeds those negative remarks within you, as well as the one you railed at.
Fourth, No one benefits. 
Fifth, All of us occasionally make mistakes.

God thinking first calls on God to intervene if it looks like the situation might be beyond your control.
  • You might pray a thanksgiving prayer, thanking God for protecting you.
  • You can intercede for the other driver, even if they are at fault, and ask God to help them to be more careful.
  • You can pray that we don’t do what they just did. 
   Excerpt from God Thinking VIII - Ministering In The Spirit by Keith C.                                            Powell Copyright 2015

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