Tuesday, June 2, 2015

God Thinking XCIV - Principles Of God Thinking 4

"God has made it clear that there is right thinking and wrong thinking.

It is ‘wrong thinking’ that let’s us believe things about yourself that aren’t true. (low self esteem)

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that keeps you in bondage to habits and strongholds.

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that causes you to continually go to the place you know is killing you.

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that robs you from hope. 
It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that says success is found in having many things.

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that let’s true joy be confused with getting high or drunk. 

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that let’s you worry about the things you have no control over.

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that allows you to revive the baggage of the past.

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that keeps you from letting go of your self-security and stepping out by faith into the unknown, where God can have His way with you.

It’s wrong thinking that masks your pain instead of putting it under the cross.  Under the cross our burden is light.  On your own shoulders our burden is too much.

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that keeps you poor.

It’s ‘wrong thinking’ that keeps you eating the same things that are making you sick.

It’s ‘wrong thinking ‘ that tells you that you should hold real tight to what you have.

If you are in agreement respond in faith.

Excerpt from God thinking XCV - Principles Of God Thinking by Keith C.                                            Powell copyright 2015

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