Wednesday, May 6, 2015

God Thinking XCI - Meology 5

"Why does it matter - Meology or Theology? 
Because to be about the Father’s business and to do greater things, you must have good theology.

You must have good theology because God’s Word is not God’s suggestions.  
God’s Word is God’s commandments to live by.  
God’s ways are not God’s options.  
God’s ways are God’s mandate for His people.

Good theology is comprised of sound teaching from God.  There are no substitutes and no other sources.

Good theology is composed of these components:
  • Regular systematic (on regular or predictable intervals) study of the scriptures with others.
  • Regular systematic study of the scriptures alone.
  • Regular prayer time with others.
  • Regular prayer time alone.
  • Regular praise and worship with others.
  • Regular praise and worship alone.
  • Regular receiving of teaching under an anointed ministry leader.
God ordains the anointed man or woman of God, to deduce, from His timeless Word, certain timely and pertinent points to assist you on your life’s journey.

Good theology demands that you do not skip the processes of life that are contained and described in the scriptures.  Adherence to the Word of God is your God given heritage.

It is a privilege to have a Bible.
It is a privilege to have a mind to study.
It is a privilege to know someone who will pray with you.
It is a privilege to stand before God and open your mouth in prayer and thanksgiving.

What has happened to us that we have to beg people to come to a Bible study?  It’s gotten to the point where most new churches have to include a list of perks to get people to come.  This is because advertisers have been giving something to people to get them to buy their product for decades and generally speaking their product is more worldly endeavors.

And yet their isn’t a man, woman, teen or child alive that won’t need the hand of God in their life, before the sun goes down.

What has happened to our society, when you have to plead with people to come to Church?

They should be lined up an hour early in expectation of hearing what God is about to do in their life."

Excerpt from God thinking XCI - Meology by Keith C. Powell Copyright                                                         2015

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