Wednesday, April 22, 2015

God Thinking XC - A Season Of Favor 1

Living the Christian Life isn’t supposed to be a burden and a strain.
There’s freedom in Christ
Real freedom
Releasing freedom

Christ has set you free and opened up realms of choices for you to make - of which God the Father then moves on your behalf to fulfill your dreams and desires.

In other words, Christ set you free and when you understand that freedom and operate in it, God the Father goes ahead and makes a way and girds us up from behind to bring to pass what you want in your heart, that you have been made free to accomplish. Call it a season of favor.

Christ set you free so that you would be able to pursue the will of God, that you could not pursue, when you were not free.

Christ set you free to release you from the bondage of separation from God.  

You were freed from the drudgery of life without Christ and freed from the bondage of the propensity toward sinful behavior.

You were made free from the heritage of your fallen nature, through Adam.

You were made free from the penalty of death for your rebellion and disobedience against God.

You were made free, not born free, not earned free; made free.

Christ died so that you could come before the throne of God without condemnation or guilt.

Had Christ not died for your sins, there would be a great chasm of separation between God and man.  For the unsaved, that separation is currently in effect - a great chasm is fixed between God and the unsaved man - so great a distance that there is no way, no cure, no hope, no chance of reuniting with God without Christ.

Have you been freed up to serve God?"

 Excerpt from God Thinking XC - A Season Of Favor by Keith C. Powell                                                Copyright 2015

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