Tuesday, April 7, 2015

God Thinking LXXXVIII - The Presence Of The LORD 6

"The 1st reason that God reveals Himself is so that you will get to know Him - and God knows that for you to really see Him for exactly who He is, you will have to see Him your self, because God cannot be adequately described by man. 

You can know God in His fulness as He reveals Himself to you, but neither you nor I can describe God the way that God can describe or reveal Himself.   That’s why it is so important to get alone with God, because God’s self disclosure is what
really changes the way a man or a woman, teen or child sees God. 

This experience and this experience alone alters:
Your reverence for God - Your worship - Your faith -
Your prayer - Your purpose - Your direction -
Your commitment - Your obedience - Your everything

If I were to explain God to you for twenty years, your view of God would fall far short of ever being able to move you the  way a glimpse of His glory could - And after just one glimpse,  alone in His presence, and you too will agree, you can only accurately reveal God by leading others to the book that reveals the living God, the Bible."

Note: I have noticed a turn in the mindset of many people today from reading the Bible.  People are being steered to find other ways to get to know God.  It will not turn out well. God is best disclosed by Himself and the Bible is still the best way to get to know God. The Bible is God's self disclosure. 

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXVIII - The Presence OF The LORD by                                   Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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