Sunday, April 5, 2015

God Thinking LXXXVIII - The Presence Of The LORD 5

Good Morning and Happy Easter

"Why is it so important that you spend time alone with God?
Because there are some things that God will not say to you with your spouse present, or your children present, or your boss present, or your best friend present. 

God is a gentleman and will not reveal any more of you to those who count on you than you are willing to expose. 

The only reason to get alone with God is to get to know Him better and God wants you to get to know Him as He is - and God is perfectly capable of disclosing Himself to you without the aid of your spouse or anyone else of importance and authority in your life.

God isn’t trying to unravel you in front of your family, friends or co-workers - but God will unravel you in front of Him.  God does this for two reasons:
1st    So that you will get to know Him:
2nd   So that you will get to know yourself:
In the presence of God, God wants you to get to know Him as:          Omnipotent - Omnipresent - Omniscient - Immutable - Eternal - Unsearchable - Incomprehensible - Sovereign - Holy - Just - Merciful - All loving God. 

  • The God that created everything. 
  • The God that knows every part of every thing.
  • The God that sustains everything by His Spirit.
  • The God that knows your tomorrow today.
  • The God that delivers
  • The God that protects
  • The God that provides
  • The God that comforts
  • The God that enlightens and illuminates
  • The God that directs and guides
  • The God that reproves and corrects
  • The God that forgives and forgets
  • The God that imparts - reveals & uncovers
  • The God that holds the sands of the beach in place by His Word
  • The God of peace, joy & grace
  • The God that never gives up on you
  • The God that transforms your tears into hope
  • The God that trades your sin for His righteousness
  • The God that can take nothing and make it into anything
  • The God of infinite supply
Is this the God you are familiar with?"

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXVIII - The Presence OF The LORD by                                   Keith C. Powell Copyright 20105

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