Thursday, April 2, 2015

God Thinking LXXXVIII - The Presence Of The LORD 2

"You cannot escape the presence of God as God is omnipresent, but you can turn the other way from His ways and from His truths.  This is what Cain did and this is what Jonah did and this is what many today do too.
  • They turn away from their calling.
  • They turn away from there identity in Christ.
  • They turn away from God’s Sovereignty.
  • They turn away from God’s ways.
  • They turn away and go after the way of Cain.
  • When they turn away they loose their shame.
  • They begin to make up their own private beliefs.
  • They turn to their peers for comfort and direction.
  • They turn away from the sanctuary.
  • They turn away from God’s face.
  • They stop hearing the call from God.
  • They stop seeing their part in the body of Christ.
  • They turn from purity and holiness.
  • The blood of Christ means nothing to them.
  • They cannot be taught.
  • They just tolerate those who love them the most.
  • They are led by the ‘turned away from God’ gurus, following after the way of Cain. 
Once a person hardens themselves toward God, they have a most difficult path getting back.  Everyone will come back, and everyone will bow the knee to God, but not all will do it soon enough."

Note: I'm sensing that some people are uncomfortable with strong exhortations and deliberate discussion about some of our shortfallings. Most modern preaching/teaching is feel-good, watered-down, ice cream topped, have it your way discussion, with a particular emphasis on not offending anyone. Offence is not my aim, but you cannot reveal holy God and discuss our pitiful state as a people and not offend somebody. I would much rather be offended and lifted up by the power of truth than tickled with powerless and insignificant banalities.
Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXVIII - The Presence OF The LORD by                                  Keith C. Powell Copyright 20105

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