Monday, April 20, 2015

God Thinking LXXXIX - Principles Of Power 8

"If you go to God with and open heart and an open mind, God will use you to accomplish His good pleasure - and sometimes His good pleasure is to intercede for others or to go and do what others have left undone.

Those who are still listening for God to say what they want to hear, have not read the Word, nor do they know the heart of God.

We put too much emphasis on me, myself and I.  We sing to God to take us and mold us but we end the song with 'as long as it is my way.'
Personal fulfillment
Creature comfort security
Financial independence
Material satisfaction
Immediate gratification - take precedence over the call of God.

Too many people are going to God in prayer, primarily for personal fulfillment.  There’s nothing wrong with expecting God to move on your behalf and to bring to pass what you cannot or to infuse His supernatural power in your natural situation, but personal fulfillment is only a part of the whole truth. 
  • God does want His people fulfilled.  God has proved that to you more than once. 
  • God provides for you and sustains you apart from your own works and abilities.
  • God directs you to go this way and that and leads you to follow Him.
  • God heals your bodies and heals your emotions.
  • God takes away the pangs of the past and gives you hope for the future.
  • God fills you with blessings and makes you to prosper.
  • God wants His people fulfilled, but personal fulfillment without intercession for others and integration with others is shallow and ultimately un-fulfilling. 
There is power in "YES LORD."

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXIX - Principles Of Power by Keith C.                                         Powell Copyright 2015

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