Saturday, April 18, 2015

God Thinking LXXXIX - Principles Of Power 6

"It was never OK, nor will it ever be OK, for you to think that God saves His people so that they can continue to live the way they used to live. God forbid.  I believe that if we were careful to give the gospel, without apology, new believers would seek God’s heart and learn of His ways and make every effort to find God and serve Him. 

If we were teaching people that YES is the only appropriate answer to their call from God and that YES is the only appropriate answer to the call to His ways, more people would be believing God with unswerving faith - and we wouldn’t have to drive to Orlando to get healed either.

Here’s the problem.  Most people that go to God to get alone, first make a pack with themselves, that if God directs them in something that they don’t want to do or to a place they don’t want to go, then they will renege. 

They don’t’ mind going to God to get alone as long as God comes through and meets their own particular requirements:
  • As long as God answers their prayer the way they want it answered.
  • As long as they aren’t kept too long.
  • As long as God doesn’t put them on the spot.
  • As a matter of fact, for some, as long as God just keeps His 
  • place, everything will be alright . 
Some people go to God to see what God is going to say, and if God says the right things, they will consider it. 

But God is likely to say the wrong thing, if the right thing, is that thing, that you have already made up in your mind about.
If you’ve already made up your mind that:
  • You aren’t going to go to where God says to go.
  • You aren’t going to be what He called you to be.
  • You aren’t going to do what God tells you to do.    
  • You aren’t going to say what God told you to say.
  • If you’ve already made up your mind, that what you hear from God, must echo of your own mind........
The only way to hear God clearly is to go to God with an open heart and an open mind and let God place into you, His will."

   Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXIX - Principles Of Power by Keith C.                                         Powell Copyright 2015

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