Friday, March 27, 2015

God Thinking LXXXVII - Face To Face 3

"When you approach God:
  • Have you weighed your words and carefully considered your petitions or have you stepped into His marvelous light, not at all moved by His presence, loosely approaching God’s throne like a smart aleck eating chips and spilling soda while casually chatting about the weather.
  • Have you understood His will for you?
  • Are you seeking those things that draw you closer to God?
  • Have you come before God stricken with remorse, because you saw His holiness and it shown so bright as to uncover even the hidden things?
  • Have you sought out what God wants with the same diligence that you have sought out what you want?
  • Have you gone before the throne in silence, withholding all your requests, awaiting the voice of God to fill you and steer you.
  • Before you have gone to the throne of grace, have you made up your mind to do what God says, no matter what?
  • Do you want God to touch you and open your eyes to your purpose in life?
  • Have you thought about making changes in your lifestyle that would free up some time to bask in His glory?
  • Are you ready for God to reveal you?
  • Are you willing to allow God to reveal you to others?
  • Can you come and sit at the feet of Christ without remark? 
Maybe you don't really want to see God face to face."

Excerpt from God thinking LXXXVII - Face To Face by Keith C. Powell                                                   Copyright 2015

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