Thursday, March 12, 2015

God Thinking LXXXV - Pro-active perspective 6

"You have already won the victory. 
You have already overcome any outcome that satan could bring – by trusting God and placing our faith in Jesus Christ. 

Don’t think for one minute that satan has won anything because someone is sick or someone has died or you are out of money.

It is not true. 
satan doesn’t win against believers in Christ. 
he hasn’t taken away anything that is rightfully yours.  he is a liar and wants you to believe he has. 

Your faith has sealed you. 
Your children are safe in the hands of God. 
Your today is filled with blessings.
And your tomorrow is glowing with the things that your heart desires.
Your future is full of excitement.
God has prepared a beautiful path.
What God has started, God will finish.

What God has said about you and your future is to be believed and acted upon.
What satan has said about you and your future is to be resisted."

The pro-active perspective: God is in control and you need to start seeing tomorrow with an even deeper trust in God that you have today.

And satan is out of control - and you need to see him as (not in the loop) and insignificant, little, trivial and inconsequential."

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXV A Pro-active Perspective by Keith C.                                       Powell Copyright 2015

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