Thursday, February 26, 2015

God Thinking LXXXIV - How To Get From Believing To Receiving 4

"While you are waiting to receive from God in one area of your life:
God wants you to be hearing new truths in another area of your life; allowing those truths to grow into you agreeing with God and in another area of your life you are abiding in what you believe and in another area of our life you are believing for something and in another area of your life we are receiving.

In other words when you are living out God’s will for your life, you will:
  • Be hearing or reading the Word of God
  • Be learning new truths
  • Agreeing with God about previously learned truths
  • Believing God and His truths
  • Abiding in God and the truths of God
  • And receiving the end of your faith, the promise or the blessing or the answered prayer from God
At any point in time, you are:
  • Hearing the truth from the Word
  • Receiving new revelation from the truth of/in the Word
  • Agreeing with that revelation until we are fully convinced
  • Believing for what you are fully convinced of
  • Abiding in what you believe for a season
  • Receiving the end of your faith
Fulfillment of His promise
Answered prayers
Inspired direction
Transformed mind
Heavenly vision

Don’t believe the lies of your enemy:
  • That God leaves things undone
  • That God takes too long to answer your prayers
  • That God has left you helpless and on your own
  • That God hasn’t provided for you
  • That God doesn’t fulfill His promises
  • That God wasn’t there
God is on time every time.
God has forgotten nothing except your sin
Get a hold of this!!!!!!
God doesn’t take too long to answer your prayers
God hasn’t left anyone helpless or hopeless
God has provided everything you need and will continue to throughout your life
God does fulfill His promises
God is always there, with you, in you, and He works by you and through you

There is a process that you must go through, called life, and you are in the center of it right now."

Note: So you aren't feeling it. I get it. But you won't receive it until you believe it and there is no other formula. The results are on you.

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXIV - How To Get From Believing To                         Receiving by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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