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God Thinking LXXXIV - How To Get From Believing To Receiving 2

"I am going to reveal a pattern (not a hidden pattern that cannot be easily seen or understood) (not some hidden truth that only I or some other student of the Bible could discover). Just a pattern that I have observed to be true.

In the natural, do you count on the law of gravity to work?
In the natural, if you see dark clouds and hear thunder, can you usually expect rain?
In the natural, do you count on the rising and the setting of the sun?  Can you count on the tides? 

In the natural, God designed patterns that work, that you can expect to work, without fail, over and over again. Do you agree with me thus far?

In the supernatural the laws are different - the parameters are different - but God designed you in such a way that in the supernatural, (when what you need requires the hand of God) (when what you are praying for cannot be accomplished in the natural) you can still have expectations of an expected end.

God designed you this way.
In the natural (those who have not been born again) - God and man operate apart from one another.  Man operates without consideration of God or His design and man operates without cooperation with God or His design.  God, always available and always operating on behalf of man, continues to uphold His natural laws for the benefit and protection for man in the natural. 

In the supernatural (those who have been born again) - God and man operate in consideration and cooperation of one another.  Man operates with consideration of God and His design and man operates with cooperation with God and His design.  God, always available and always operating on behalf of man, continues to uphold His natural laws for the benefit and protection for man in the natural, but God extends His hand to those who have the indwelling Holy Spirit and adds to their wholeness, supernatural intervention.

There are natural laws and supernatural laws.  If you have a choice to live under the realm of natural law only, or natural law and God’s supernatural intervention, which one do you want to live under? 

God designed you so that when you operate under the anointing of God’s supernatural intervention, by the indwelling Holy Spirit - you could think/speak some things into existence - co-creating with God as led by the Holy Spirit."

Note: I understand that this is a delicate area to discuss and many people, yes even Christians tend to want to stay away from any subject that might be controversial.  Does that sound like a godly motive?  
  • Avoid the difficult questions in life.
  • Avoid discussion important about delicate subjects.
  • Avoid any discussion about the Holy Spirit because people believe differently about the Holy Spirit.
  • Avoid anybody who believes that God intervenes supernaturally.
  • Avoid recognizing God's role in your life and your role in God's economy because you might hurt somebodies feelings. 
  • Avoid discussion of sensitive topics concerning God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit because you are worried about other peoples perception of you.
  • Avoid getting any closer to God than your particular denomination allows - leave that personal relationship stuff to the staff, pastors and Sunday School teachers. 
  • Avoid believing what you read in the Bible if it is in contradiction to what your denomination teaches so you can maintain the status quo.
  • Avoid asking any questions that might reveal you don't know the answer.
I have found that Christians will do just about anything to look religious.  Do you really believe in your heart that that honors God? I would rather have a child pray for me that believes than any adult who is just playing Church.  If you don't believe that God intervenes in our lives today, what makes you think that God ever did?  It is the same Bible that tells the stories of men and women of faith in the past that discusses you and your lifestyle today. If you don;t trust God right now, where you are, in your current condition, with your current challenges, why would you trust God about heaven?  If you can't believe to receive something from God today, why would you stake your eternity on what God has said about heaven?

I think it is time to test your faith.  Not God testing you to see if you are up to the challenge. No, you testing you to see if you believe anything at all. 

    Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXIV - How To Get From Believing To                          Receiving by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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