Thursday, February 19, 2015

God Thinking LXXXIV - How To Get From Believing To Receiving 1

"Can I get serious for a season? I want to share with you what I think is instruction from the Lord.  While you are reading this blog during this session "How To Get From Believing To Receiving" whatever applies to you, right it down and move on it.  It’s time the Church gets strong and stays strong.  Has God spoken to you concerning this?  

Do you agree that we (you and I) are sometimes disobedient to the things of God?  I do not solicit God to know the inner working of other peoples lives, but God reveals the deep roots of things and I believe that I have received or even stumbled upon a truth, I will tell it forth. 

See if you agree with me in this.  See if it is not true that recently your spirit has been seeking a deeper understanding of God and a greater supply of supernatural intervention.

See if you agree with me:          
Lord, I want to get from believing to receiving.  
  • I want to get past ankle wading.  
  • I want to get beyond myself and all the maintenance it takes to look like everything is alright.
  • I want to be your man, your woman for the day to do Your will.  
  • I am tired of shielding myself from Your truth and Your ways.
  • I want to worship You just once without having to worry about what my spouse or my friends think about me. 
  • I want to be in Your presence for more than just a moment in time - more than a glimpse - I want my will and Your will to be woven together like a strong cord that cannot be broken.  
  • I want to act and react with the wisdom of God.  I want to think and respond the same way Jesus would in the same situation.  Lord, I want to get from believing to receiving."
Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXIV - How To Get From Believing To Receiving by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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