Wednesday, January 28, 2015

God Thinking LXX1 - Catch The Vision 6

"You could believe what God prophesied to you in scripture about the times you are in.

You could receive the fullness of the blessing that God has prepared for you.

You could receive the promises of God and incorporate them into your daily life.

You could trust God implicitly and rest when things seem awry, because you believe and understand that God operates with full revelation, not only of what happened but of what is going to happen as well.

You could believe what God wrote down for you and live by the principles and precepts that God has ordained.

You could follow Christ.

You could read God’s Word and let it become who you are.

You could pray, expecting that God moves on your behalf, because God sees the end from the beginning and He knows that you don’t.

You could put the mind of Christ on top in your mind, and redistribute the lessor things and push them down and them out altogether, ultimately so that what you think will make you more like God. - not so that you can dethrone God like satan tried to do, but so that you can commune with God.

To commune with God is to offer your free-will to God and receive God’s will in you.

If you are to grow to where God can reach you during the week, during the day, you will have to catch the vision that God has for you."

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXI - Catch The Vision by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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