Sunday, January 11, 2015

God Thinking LXX - The Parable Of The Painting 3

"You can hear God more succinctly and understand what God is saying once you understand co-creation. You can love God more perfectly because you stop blaming God for your situations and circumstances and learn to place the blame where it belongs.
You can serve God more willingly because you understand how your relationship with God is one of co-operation.

Picture this - You are still in your parable.
You are painting a week of leisure with money to spend at your favorite vacation spot and someone comes along and paints in more work that only you can do and your picture gets changed.  As you are painting, so is every one else. 

Maybe you were painting a scene of reunion with a loved one and someone comes along and paints on your canvas with greed and riot, meanness and destruction.

Have you ever painted a short term goal:
ü     Maybe shooting a basket from across court at the last minute     of a game to win the championship.
ü     Maybe make a sale that puts your sales team at the top of the      sales teams for the year.
ü    Maybe win a tennis tournament or start a bible study in your trailer park.
Only to see your plans/life, (your painting) painted over, by someone or some thing that wasn’t in your plan.

How about long term goals:
ü     Maybe singing or performing for thousands of loving fans.
ü     Maybe owning your own business.
ü     Maybe seeing your child or your grandchild grow up.

Maybe you are painting, putting money away to send your kids to college or to build financial security so you can enjoy a few years without the pressure of having to make money.

Only to see your plans/life, (painting) painted over, re-arranged or altered. 

You don’t seem to mind too much when you are painting a foggy, gloomy day and someone comes along and splashes on some bright
colorful paint, (money, blessing, a raise, a kind word, a bit of wisdom or love).

But, when you have painted a beautiful picture of how you think it should be and someone comes along and paints over your beautiful picture with something vile and verbose like, (robbery, cheating, lying) you cringe.  
And that is not enough, to add to the story, some of the picture is being painted (generated) by (natural law, nature itself, the fall of man, and even demonic activity.)     

You need to know who you are, who God is and how the big picture, (painting) works. 

How does God intertwine the brush strokes of one with another?
In this study, together you will learn how to:
Pick up the brush, (your will)
Grab a palette of paint, (your gifts, talents, skills and instructions along with the tools to work with)
And paint over, (create a new version of life)

OK - end of parable."

Excerpt from God Thinking LXX The Parable Of The Painting by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015


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