Monday, January 5, 2015

God Thinking LXIX - The Dichotomy 10

"The teaching that you have had is enough to save an entire nation.

The revelation that you have enjoyed is more than adequate to convince anyone of the realities of our Savior.

The faith you have learned in is enough to raise the dead.

Each of you has been dished out a portion of God’s goodness, His mercy, His love and His grace above and beyond what you ever thought possible and far beyond what you deserved.

Should you take so lightly what God is doing in your life, that you start to think that it is all coincidence?

Shall you let your enemy have another victory over you?

Is it possible that you have overlooked an important aspect of your relationship with God? 
  • If God had left yous to wander through life without a clue and if God had not given you His written Word and confirmed His written Word in your heart by the indwelling Holy Spirit.
  • If God had not made the stars and the endless galaxies in plain view for all to see.
  • If God had not made His creation alive and you were left alone to wander around in a lifeless environment.
  • If God had left you to speculate about His existence and never shown Himself through His Son.
  • If God left you alone to try to work out your salvation without the indwelling Holy Spirit.
  • If God had hidden Himself and not allowed for you to see Him by faith.
Then I could understand why so many Christian people have a difficulty time following God’s plan for their life. 

I could understand the blatant mockery of those who hear the Word of God, but never move on it.

I could understand the argument for the “all paths lead to god” philosophy.
But God has openly declared Himself through the life and person of Jesus Christ.  Nothing else will do and no other truth can save anyone. There is no other truth that you can meditate on and somehow reach a higher level of spirituality. And to see this truth you have to die to self."

Excerpt from God Thinking LXIX - The Dichotomy by Keith C. Powell                                                    Copyright 2014

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