Thursday, December 11, 2014

God Thinking LXVIII - What Is Worship? 1

"God thinking teaches you to praise and worship God.  God wants you to praise Him and worship Him for two reasons - One to affect what comes into your minds and your hearts and Two, to affect what comes out of your minds and hearts. 

This flow of what comes in to you and the flow that goes out from you is determined by your worship.

Your worship will only reach a level consistent with the rest of your way of living. 

In other words, despite the feelings and emotion expressed at the moment of worship, the actual height or ascent of your worship is regulated by the degree of submission that you adhere to in the everyday actions of your life.

Even though you might be more sensitive to the Holy spirit as you come together and praise and worship God corporately, your worship can only reveal who you are when you are worshiping and not necessarily who you are as a ‘whole person’.

You can turn on and off who you are at different times of the day, concerning your relationship with God, but the on and off time mixed together is who you really are. 

God sees the end from the beginning. He also knows if you are going to be faithful in the future. 

God does not reveal all of His attributes to you, in you or through you until you are committed past the place where you turn back - And God knows when that is."

Note: Sometimes hard lessons are what we need so that we can progress in our relationship with God.  I realize that this kind of 'in your stuff' kind of message can be off-putting. I am only sharing what God has done with me and attempting to persuade you to avoid unnecessary distress.

Excerpt from God thinking LXVIII What Is Worship? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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