Friday, December 19, 2014

God Thinking LXVIII - What Is Worship? 9

"There is a great distinction between every object of your interest and God Himself. If you want to learn of an object you can pursue it and learn about it and acquire all past knowledge about it, become fully acquainted with it and even become an expert concerning it. 

Anyone can become an expert on any subject except the personhood of God.

Unlike any study of a person, a place or a thing, God can only be found out by His self proclamation. 

God dispenses knowledge/wisdom about Himself by revelation.
And the revelation received will always be equal to Your faith
And Your faith will always be equal to Your use of Your faith.

Or better put, you can only receive faith in direct proportion to Your use of that faith for the purposes of fulfilling the will of God, here, during Your lifetime.

No increase of faith will be given to anyone for the purpose of advancing themself disproportionally above others.  

God sees the end from the beginning and makes no errors.  God doesn’t give His wisdom to foolish men, nor does God allow them (foolish men) into His secret chambers to chat about foolish and vain matters."

Excerpt from God thinking LXVIII What Is Worship? by Keith C. Powell                                                    Copyright 2014

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