Sunday, November 30, 2014

God Thinking LXVII - You Are That Person 9

"Are you ready to get beyond yourself and see what God can do with someone who is willing to step out in faith and really trust Him.Are you ready to ask God for something that you have been storing in: 

That place in your mind that says:

  • It can’t be done
  • There’s just not enough time
  • I’m a thousand miles away
  • I’m just not good enough
  • I’ll never have enough money      
  • Nobody cares anyway
  • I don’t need God’s help to get where I’m going(Depending on where you are headed you might be right about that)
Are you ready to ask God for something?
Bigger than you can do without the aid of Almighty God?

Are you ready to ask God for something that cannot be earned or attained, something of great value that you have no control over, and believe for it in a way that brings it to pass?

Are you ready to step out in faith and release the grip you’ve had on things for a better way - A way where God is in control?

In your mind and in your heart you have to let go and allow God to increase your faith. 

You have to go to God and say, “Whatever mission you have for me, I am the man or the woman for the job.” “I want your life in me to explode with faith - where I can operate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit - and do those things which are pleasing in your sight.”

You have got to get beyond your self and your constant striving to be fulfilled with the things that are robbing you of a deeper walk with God.  The things I’m talking about do not need definition.  You know what they are for you.

You have got to take your mind off of the, “what’s in it for me” syndrome long enough to be in God’s presence for more than a moment or a minute.

Is this the day your faith takes you..................?????????

Do you want to go to the alter of God in your heart and see your life transformed into a life of faith?

Are you prepared to walk out on the plank of faith and get beyond yourself and reach out to others with power from on High?  Trust me, you will lose your bearings for a moment.  On the plank of faith you may get spiritual vertigo. But not until you let go of your self and walk out on the plank of faith are you prepared to take the leap of faith where you allow God to have control in your life.  

Note: Trust me I know this is not at all popular, relinquishing your control and handing over the reigns of your life to God.  After all God has been so illusive thus far. Oh that's right you haven't walked out on the plank of faith yet.  No wonder God seems illusive. Are You That Person?

Excerpt from God Thinking LXVII - You Are That Person by Keith C.                                          Powell Copyright 2014


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