Sunday, November 30, 2014

God Thinking LXVII - You Are That Person 1

"I am going to take you to a dimension of God Thinking that can only be apprehended by faith.  I want you to sense - an intuition of urgency, concerning the spiritual condition of your nation, your city, your friends and family and your own spiritual condition as well?

Have you or do you feel a tug on your heart to get things right and keep things right with God?

Have you noticed that the opportunity for you to speak about your faith has come up more recently than ever before?

God has chosen these last days to build up and empower an holy people.  These people are not all well known, nor are they of a certain heritage - nor are they all the same age.

They don’t all have the same last name, nor are they of the same nationality.  They don’t have the same educational background, nor is it required. 

They don’t all have the same gifts, nor do they all say things exactly the same way.

They are individuals, empowered by an invisible force that goes beyond reason and logic into the mystical world where Jesus is Lord.  AND YOU ARE THAT PERSON."

Excerpt from God Thinking LXVII - You Are That Person by Keith C.                                          Powell Copyright 2014

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